Updated April 2023.

It’s looking like we’re having (yet again) another epic year for podcasts and especially all things health and wellness.

Of course, it makes sense.

What better way to fill your gym time than by listening to interviews with fitness gurus and wellness industry professionals who tell it exactly like it is?

Or to spend your commute finding ways to fit more movement into your life? 

With that in mind, we’ve rounded up the best podcasts for health, wellness, and fitness.

Bonus: You’ll find the Schedulicity team’s favorites below as well. Plus reader-submitted recommendations from some of our fitness- and wellness-obsessed Instagram followers.

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(Oh, and don’t forget to check out our previous round-up of the best small business podcasts for hair, beauty, and other service-industry professionals.) 

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The Best Health, Wellness, and Fitness Podcasts for 2023 

Be Well by Kelly

Kelly LeVeque shot to fame as the science-obsessed nutritionist for stars, including Jennifer Garner and Emmy Rossum.

She’s an advocate for blood-sugar balancing meals, whole foods, and realistic moderation — and her Fab 4 Smoothie is a team favorite breakfast.

On her new podcast (which launched in 2020 along with her latest book), she interviews wellness, health, and fitness industry experts, digging into topics including better sleep and biodynamic farming. 

Happier with Gretchen Rubin 

Rubin’s podcast makes almost every “best health and wellness podcasts” roundup precisely because she’s one of the best in the biz.

Over 95 million downloads doesn’t hurt, either.

Pick and choose your episodes based on the industry experts that most interest you (yogis, scientists, or you know, iconic fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi), or try one of her short episodes called “A Little Happier”. 

Help Me Be Me 

Sarah May is a Dear Abby for the New Age, delivering episodes full of thoughtful advice that’s are as well-researched as they are carefully delivered.

While she’s not a therapist or licensed professional (and she’s very clear about it), she’s an impressive autodidact of mental health.

Each episode, she covers a topic submitted by a listener, carefully citing books, experts, and studies along the way.

Dedicated to inclusivity and adaptable suggestions — she loves using the Al-Anon adage, “Take what you like, leave the rest” — there’s something for everyone.

Dear Sugars

Another crowd favorite, Dear Sugars is the podcast brainchild of writers Cheryl Strayed and Steve Almond, which answers letters from readers about all sorts of emotional and social concerns.

If you’re an NPR junkie, you probably know the Sugars well already.

Still, the podcast is a brilliant way to take them with you whenever you’re on the go.

Bonus points if you throw on an episode before hopping on the treadmill. 

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The goop Podcast

We won’t debate whether Oscar-winning actress Gwyneth Paltrow qualifies as a wellness guru or not — it’s a divisive subject, after all — but we will point you to this podcast, which is as much her Chief Content Officer Elise Loehnen’s brainchild as it is hers.

This writer interviewed Loehnen a few years back, and I can vouch for her unending curiosity about wellness and health trends. Worth a listen. 

TEDTalks Health

As dynamic as all TEDTalks are but specifically dedicated to health advancements and wellness discoveries? Sign us up. 

The Mindful Minute

Teacher Meryl Arnett knows a thing or two about meditation, but that’s not why she started this podcast.

She started it because she gets that meditation can feel opaque and frustrating when you’re just starting.

As she puts it, it’s about those moments when “your meditation teacher says, ‘Pay attention to your breath…”, and you secretly think, ‘WTH does that even mean?!’ and spend the meditation writing your grocery list.”

Great for new meditators and meditation professionals alike. 

Power Hour with Adrienne Herbert

A podcast dedicated to spending just one hour improving something in your life. Similar to the Do Weekly podcast, which we included in our last podcast roundup, but with a more general focus on self- (and life) improvement. 

The Business of Wellness

A self-explanatory podcast name for one of the best podcasts for health and wellness professionals out there.

Host Lauren Armes interviews founders of various wellness companies to glean insight into how they did (and do) what they did (and do).

We’re talking the masterminds behind TRX, mindbodygreen, Huel, and more. 

Project Body Love 

Women’s Health released this 30-day program in November 2019, but it’s as relevant as ever forever.

The goal of the podcast is to help improve your relationship with your body, one step at a time.

In a new era, we think more body positivity is essential.  

Science Weekly by The Guardian 

Another journalism-forward podcast that focuses on new discoveries in science and interviews with academics and experts, Science Weekly keeps you up to date with all the health and wellness news you need.

And, as health and wellness professionals know, that’s everything. 

The Balanced Blonde Podcast

A great podcast dedicated to trends in alternative health and nutrition, you can count on host and entrepreneur Jordan Younger to explore every relevant wellness topic — especially those you’re just starting to hear about.

(One of the most interesting podcasts was dedicated ayahuasca.) 

Thrive Forever Fit 

Ask around Schedulicity, and everyone will tell you that Jay Nixon is a fitness genius.

His podcast focuses on helping listeners reach all their health, wellness, and nutritional goals.

After all, change is 99% about mindset, and Jay knows how to make you think differently. 

Deliciously Ella 

Ella Mills came onto the scene as a health and food blogger before launching her podcast (a trend, it seems, for wellness podcasts, in general).

Devoted to clean eating and nutritional health, she runs her podcast with husband Matthew and covers everything from gut health to setting boundaries in relationships to digital detoxes. 

On Being with Krista Tippet 

Tippet’s show covers a few straightforward questions: “What does it mean to be human? How do we want to live? And who will we be to each other?”


Those are the most complex questions of all time, which is probably why the podcast won a Peabody Award.

Listen to long-form discussions between Tippet and some of the greatest minds of today to go deep, deep, deep into how to live a fuller life.

One Part Podcast 

Host Jessica Murnane has one of the longest-running podcasts on this list, which means that she knows a thing or two about the most important health and wellness topics.

It also means that if you idolize any health, fitness, or wellness professional, chances are she’s interviewed them.

Give her archives a scroll. 

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Schedulicity Recommendations: The Best Health, Wellness, and Fitness Podcasts 

There’s a new podcast every 8.7 minutes.

(OK, I just made that up. But there are tons of them!)

We figured that we’d take this discussion public. We asked our Instagram followers for their favorite wellness podcasts.

Here they are in alphabetical order:

  • Almost 30 – This is a simple lifestyle podcast put on by LA-based best friends, Krista Williams and Lindsey Simchik.
  • The Beauty Biz Show – Less of a wellness podcast per se, we still love this podcast for its small business advice and interviews with beauty professionals, hosted by Lori Crete.
  • Meeting Your Magic (formly The Beauty Therapy Podcast) – A podcast hosted by Kiera Doyle for “beauty pros, energy-shifters, and magic-makers”. Her episodes cover wellness, health, and spirituality (with regular guests contributing their thoughts). 
  • The Connected Yoga Teacher – Yoga teacher and consultant Shannon Crow covers wellness topics, trends in yoga, and business basics for yoga professionals.
  • The Limitless Soul Podcast (formerly The Limitless Hairdresser Podcast) – Another podcast created specifically with hairdressers and stylists in mind, you’ll find plenty of wellness topics covered from meditation to “connecting offline in an online world” 
  • Marketing Yoga with Confidence – Hosted by Amanda McKinney, this podcast dives deep into marketing for yoga professionals. Ideal if that’s not your strong suit — or if you just need a refresher.
  • Mind Love – Melissa Monte covers everything from depression and anxiety to energy vampires. Experience self-improvement and transformation one episode at a time. 
  • No Stylist Left Behind – Nina Tulio regularly prioritizes her balanced approach to life first-hand. Her podcast, which she cohosts with J. Ladner, specifically covers stylist business advice, but there are plenty of episodes dedicated to mental health and spiritual wellness. (If you’re a reader, you should check out Nina’s column on the Schedulicity blog as well.) 
  • Oprah Super Soul – The title of the podcast explains it all, really. Or even just one word: Oprah. 
  • Take Flight – With a heavy fitness bent, this podcast by Mark Whittle features interviews with entrepreneurs, sports professionals, and more. It covers a wide range of topics that will help you plan and reach your goals.  
  • Christina The Channel – Christina Rice loves a deep-dive into health and wellness, and we mean deep. Expect hyper-specific topics like histamine intolerance and nootropics. In other words: realness. 
  • Your Day Off – Hosted by Hairdustry, this podcast covers all things hair industry, including what we should all be doing with our time after-hours.