If you need a little gift inspo for a cosmetology student, we have you covered.

Here are ten of our favorite cosmetology graduation gifts, so you can be sure to surprise that friend or family member with the perfect present.

10 Best Gifts for Cosmetology Student Graduations

From aprons and suitcases, to clips, combs, and foils, these gifts are the perfect way to say congratulations to a recent cosmetology school graduate.


If someone you know is fresh from cosmetology school, they’re probably looking to get their own business up and runningASAP.

To help get them rolling, you can offer to pay for their first year (or more!) of online booking software.

With an online scheduling app like Schedulicity, cosmetology school grads are ready to start building their business. 

Think of Schedulicity as their personal assistant — equipped with an intuitive calendar, snapshots of daily and weekly schedules, estimated revenue for the week, and built-in marketing tools to help your recent graduate grow, grow, grow! 😉

Rolling Suitcase

A rolling suitcase is a game-changer for cosmetology students preparing to work in salons or as freelance makeup artists

This practical gift allows them to transport their equipment and supplies in a professional and convenient manner. 

💡Pro Tip: Look for a suitcase with sturdy wheels and plenty of compartments to keep their tools organized! 

Package of Cosmetology Tools

For a comprehensive and practical gift, consider bundling together a package that includes essential tools of the trade such as alligator clips, foiling combs, barber combs, and framer foils. 

These items are indispensable for various hairstyling techniques, such as coloring, cutting, and foiling.

Extra Set of Combs

A recent cosmetology graduate more than likely already has a good set of combs — but hey, little items like combs and brushes are bound to break or get lost from time to time.

Make sure they’re stocked up with spare combs and brushes by gifting them a spare set.

Durable Apron

A stylish and durable apron is a must-have for any cosmetology professional. 

When you’re shopping around, look for an apron made from high-quality fabric that can withstand the inevitable spills and stains that come with working in the beauty industry. 

For an added personal touch, consider customizing the apron with their name or a meaningful quote for an extra special touch. 😉

Fresh Makeup Kit

 Fresh makeup kits are essential for any cosmetologist.

With a fresh makeup kit, you can assure your recent graduate is prepped to start taking clients!

Gift Cards to Cosmoprof or Salon Centric

Not confident purchasing the right makeup kit for your graduate? No problem!

Gift cards to popular beauty supply stores like Cosmoprof or Salon Centric allow them to stock up on professional-grade cosmetics, hair care products, and tools. 

This cosmetology gift provides them with the flexibility to choose the items that best suit their individual preferences and specialties.

Gift Card to Vistaprint for Business Cards

Networking and promoting services is crucial for cosmetology graduates as they enter the competitive beauty industry

To help them start spreading the word, consider a gift card to Vistaprint — a leading provider of customized marketing materials

Vistaprint allows them to design and print professional business cards that reflect their unique brand

A simple cosmetology gift like this can help them make a lasting impression with potential clients and industry contacts.

First-Aid Kit

No matter the profession, safety’s always #1.

Make sure your favorite cosmetology graduate is ready in case of any cuts or injuries on the job with a first-aid kit

Label Maker for Supplies

Organization is key in the world of cosmetology, where precision and attention to detail are so important.

A label maker is a fantastic gift to help them keep their supplies and tools neatly labeled and easily accessible. 

Whether it’s for color-coded products, equipment drawers, or storage containers, a label maker will streamline their workflow and contribute to a more professional and polished workspace.

Final Thoughts: Cosmetology Graduation Gifts

Our list of gifts is designed to support graduates as they embark on their career journey and set them up for success in the competitive beauty industry — which should be the goal for any cosmetology graduate gift. 🙂

As you shop for cosmetology graduation gifts, keep in mind that practicality, professionalism, and personalization are essential considerations. 

Whether you choose a practical tool they can use in their daily work, a personalized item to make them feel special, or a gift card to empower them in selecting the supplies they need, know your gift will be appreciated as they take their first steps in the cosmetology industry.