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Maximizing Online Booking

In this free 15-minute class, learn from stylist and educator Hunter Donia about:

  • How to trust your clients to book their own appointments and how to get them on board
  • Why the online booking experience is different for new clients vs recurring clients โ€” and how you can make it easier for both
  • Using automatic text message reminders for rebooking and appointment confirmations
  • How to use client-facing language in service descriptions

About Hunter Donia

As one of the youngest salon educators in the industry, Hunter is passionate about merging real-life business practices with technology.

His speciality?

Automating and systemizing how your beauty business runs to save hours in administrative tasks and prevent burnout.

  • Here's the TEA... A streamlined and organized business is well within your reach. You can absolutely work smarter not harder with the right systems in place.

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  • Automation is a way for you to save time doing mundane tasks such as; answering DM's, booking clients and answering the same questions over and over.

About Schedulicity

Hey there! Weโ€™re Schedulicity, an online booking app for the hair and beauty industry.

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