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10% off a soothing exfoliation treatment with our Hydrating Vitamin C infused Microdermabrasion Facial! Shed that winter skin and walk out with silky soft skin that is glowing from enzymes and peptides, feeling revitalized and confident! Face, neck and decollatege with a Cleanse, Steam/Hot towel, tone, gentle diamond tip microdermabrasion, comes with a beneficial serum that targets your specific skin concerns along, a Hydrating mask with LED/NIR light therapy, massage or lymph release, moisturizer, SPF to finish. Clients choose microdermabrasion to reduce wrinkles, decrease pore size, and improve areas of hyperpigmentation. Following the initial treatment, patients report that their skin looks brighter, smoother, and more youthful.
01/27 - 02/28
10% off