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Description: Lymph Drainage Specialists of NOCO. Also have Energy Healing & Esthetician services to facilitate the body & skin's healing processes for swelling, detox, inflammation, chronic issues, infections, post-surgical, rehab, and emotional/spiritual balance.
Additional Info: Located off of Worthington between Drake and Centre Ave. Park in the most northern side of office complex parking lot. Look for purple and white sign. Building entrance is on the west side of the building.
Logo: LymphWorks - Lymph, Massage, Energy, Natural Beauty
Phone: 9703444080
Address: 702 W. Drake Road, Building E
Suite B-102
Fort Collins CO 80526-5556
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Business Hours: Monday 8-6:15, Tuesday 9-6pm, Wednesday 8am-7pm, Thursday 7:45am-7pm, Friday 8-7pm, most Saturdays 9-3pm.
Payment Types Accepted: Cash, Check, Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover
Special Offers

Carol J "CJ" McDaniel, LMT HTCP CRMP
Carol J

Carol J. (CJ) is the owner and founder of LymphWorks. An Advanced Energy Healer, Medical Intuitive, & Advanced Lymph Drainage Therapist (LDT). She has been Chikly Advanced trained Lymphatic specialist since 2003 and the most experienced therapist on staff. When you schedule a session you are paying for over 21 years of experience and expertise as CJ will likely accomplish more healing work due to efficiencies (this means less is more and detox can be expected even in a 30 minute session). She is skilled with all things lymphatic, lympho-fascial release, lympho-visceral release, Brain Therapy, cupping, kinesio-taping, post surgical recovery, cancer rehab and more. She is also certified in many Energy healing techniques such as The Belief Code, The Body Code, The Emotion Code, Healing Touch and more. CJ is an insightful, empowering, & calming guide on your healing journey. She brings lightheartedness, gifts and vast experience in providing face-to-face sessions, phone/distance healing, and energy clearing and helps connect all clients with their intuitive knowing. She "nerds out" on all the new and old Healing technologies and science such as the benefits of red light, pemf therapies, and more. As of May 2024, CJ is only accepting new clients referred by existing or other providers.

Kaitlin Bachmeyer, LMT CMLDT
Kaitlin Bachmeyer, LMT CMLDT

Connecting her innate passion for hospitality, rehabilitation, and cancer recovery, Kaitlin prioritizes creating a soft, nurturing safe space for clients to unwind and be heard. She employs techniques such as LDT (Lymph Drainage Therapy - Chikly Method Level 2) & MLD (Manual Lymph Drainage Vodder Method), myofascial release, reflexology, gua sha, cupping, aromatherapy, and gentle massage. She has completed her Master's degree in Public Health and wishes to incorporate more and more education for client well-being in her sessions. Kaitlin has been with LymphWorks since 2021.

Lindsey Longaker, LMT CMLDT
Lindsey Longaker, LMT CMLDT

Lindsey's presence uplifts everyone around her and creates a non-judgemental and safe healing environment. Certified in Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD), and Chikly Method Lymph Drainage Therapy 2 (LDT), Lympho-Fascial and Lympho-Visceral techniques. She also loves to share Cranio Sacral Therapy, Neuromuscular techniques, Cupping, Visceral, Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy, & Sports Massage techniques. A grounded and passionate presence in your physical/spiritual healing journey. She has been with LymphWorks since 2018.

Ashley Hunter, LE
Ashley Hunter, LE

Ashley is a gifted holisitic esthetician who specializes services geared toward oncology safe, sensitive skin, acne, scars, skin damage/trauma, inflamed and/or troubled skin. Ashley is gentle, caring, and passionate with her work having changed careers into this field in order to help people in a more direct, and interpersonal way. Having overcome her own battles with skin health in the past, Ashley absolutely loves the WHOLE PERSON therapy of sculpting facial massage with intra-oral/intra-buccal work. She enjoys the Jet Plasma pen for the large range of amazing skin health, skin lifting, and appearance benefits! Microneedling for general skin and scars and various forms of gentle and natural skin exfoliation (microderm/hydroderm). She chooses and utilizes natural and CLEAN serums, moisturizers, masks, peels, and products for even those clients with the most sensitive skin and understands the needs of LymphWorks' clients with chronic inflammatory conditions, infections, cancer and more. Ashley is one of very few certified in Oncology Esthetics the State of Colorado, and has been certified through the State Approved Certification process at Northern Colorado Advanced Aesthetics (NCAA). She offers a "Soothing Touch Facial" for Hope Lives clients and cancer patients so that clients may sparkle through chemo or radiation.

PEMF Energy Healing Machine Appts
PEMF Energy Healing Machine Appts

Lymphworks' therapist available to set up clients on our Resonant Light Pulse Electromagnetic Field therapy (PEMF) session laying on a therapy table or sitting in a chair fully clothed to assist in all & any health conditions. (infra-red heat available). Please list which symptoms, disease, or diagnosis you wish to address when booking (up to 3 protocols during your session). Therapist will utilize Applied Kinesiology/ muscle testing to confirm ideal protocol/protocols needed and then leave you to enjoy a quiet therapy room to enjoy your PEMF session. May include Eye Pillow.