Business: YO/CO
Description: YO/CO is yoga that is co-created, collaborative, and customized. YO/CO is more than yoga. Public & private sessions are intended to create the ideal yoga experience, integrating an array of holistic modalities to cultivate energy, healing and expression.
Additional Info: Public sessions are offered outside at Festival Pier in Pawtucket. There are no bathrooms on site, but plenty of free parking. Sessions will take place on a newly paved area overlooking the water. A thicker or extra mat may be preferable.
Logo: YO/CO
Phone: 4016786557
Address: 50 Tim Healey Way

Pawtucket RI 02861
Business Hours: PUBLIC SESSIONS: Tuesday Evenings 6:45-7:45 PRIVATE SESSIONS: Sundays: 2-9 pm, Mondays: 8 am-9 pm & Wednesdays 8am- 9pm Another day in mind? Please inquire within.
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