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Desmond Fambrini
Desmond Fambrini

Desmond Fambrini is an learning specialist and an ardent promoter of all "xxpressive" creative and unique. Being raised by a supportive, caring, and loving family in The Bay Area, Desmond was empowered to pursue education to provide his students both virtual and in person with the same level of care and support. His family realized that he had learning difficulties and that there were areas in which he needed to improve and grow. Against these odds, Desmond was able to exceed expectations from time to time. This is because he received highly personalized education support that enabled him to enhance his innate gifts and provide skills in areas where he needed to progress. "I had depression when I was in primary school, I had multiple learning disabilities, I did not read until I was in Third Grade, I thought I was leading a horrible life and felt that I wouldn't get anywhere in life. But I Was Wrong" Desmond earned his bachelor's degree from Dartmouth College, did his Masters of Education at John Hopkins, and also earned additional advanced certifications including CHPC (Certified High Performance Coaching) and LWT (Learning Without Tears). Throughout his education, he acquired skills necessary to provide similar academic help he got as a kid. With these abilities, he has been able to create exceptional academic intervention strategies as well as coursework functional assistance for all of his students. Today, he collaborates closely with each of his students to help them achieve their full capability. Over the past year, Desmond has established a very strong fanbase with over One million followers on Tiktok and Over Twenty thousand followers on Instagram. Through these platforms, he uses his vibrant personality and skills as an education specialist to educate his fans on various subjects. Many fans who struggle with learning, confidence, and identity have been able to get his encouraging pieces of advice that have helped them overcome their struggles.