Business: WillowBrook Wellness and Coaching
Description: At heart, I am a coach. I use my knowledge of movement and anatomy to bring a different perspective for my bodywork clients. I use techniques that bridge Eastern and Western traditions in order to provide the best level care to my clients.
Additional Info: Cherokee and N. Fulton County: Out call only based on availability Bulkhead/Sandy Springs: Schedule is currently being negotiated with office mates.
Logo: WillowBrook Wellness and Coaching
Phone: 6784041361
Address: 270 Carpenter Dr NE
Suite 500
Atlanta GA 30328
Business Hours: Aug-May hours: In-office hours: Tues: 10a-1:00p Sat: 2:30p-6p Outcall hours: Tues - Fri: 10a-1p
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