Wyld Beauty 

- Spa 

in Bozeman, MT

Description: Wyld Beauty is a certified Botnia holistic spa specializing in organic customized facials and gua sha treatments.
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Logo: Wyld Beauty
Phone: 4063705440
Address: 304 Gallatin Park Drive
Suite 106
Bozeman MT 59715
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Business Hours: Tuesday-Saturday 10am-5pm
Website: http://www.wyldbeautyskin.com
Payment Types Accepted: Cash, Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover
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Karlin Cerise
Karlin Cerise

I never thought I would say that suffering through years of crippling anxiety, painful cystic acne and a stubborn extra 15 pounds I couldn’t seem to lose would be a blessing. At the time I felt like I was doing everything right. I was taking all the necessary steps to advance in my career as a hair stylist; I had just graduated from Paul Mitchell, was working at a prestigious salon in San Diego, exercising regularly AND taking my vitamins. Yet, my body was screaming at me to change course. It took two years before it dawned on me I was living out someone else’s dream. I finally got the courage to quit my “dream job” and since then have fully devoted myself into the beautiful world of holistic health. What began as a journey to heal from the inside out quickly turned into a full on obsession. I was on a mission to detox my life, my pantry and what I considered the most fun of all - my makeup and skin care. With my license in cosmetology sitting idle after discovering hair wasn’t my dharma, it suddenly clicked that I could combine what I was learning into something I had a been passionate about all along. Becoming a holistic esthetician has been my greatest joy in life. I’ve spent the last three years diving deep into the connection of our internal world with our largest detox organ by spending time in the classroom with board certified clinical nutritionist and traditional Naturopath David Getoff, receiving my Green Beauty Academy certification in Gua Sha with cult Holistic Esthetician Britta Plug in New York City and working in San Diego’s award winning Shop Good Spa. Integrating my studies into the treatment room while creating a safe space and pampering experience for you is my passion. I’m over the moon to be back in my home state of Montana offering organic plant based facials in my very first spa, Wyld Beauty.