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Description: Michelle uses Advanced Orthopedic Medical Bodyworker (2006) after a career ending neck & lower back injury, in the fire department. Her passion and education started while rehabilitating her own herniated discs (C3-6) & scoliosis (w/o surgery she would be
Additional Info: a quadriplegic per doctors). Almost 2 decades later & no surgery, her goal is to share with as many people as possible to have their best health & wellness to be a great self advocate. Michelle assists teaching CST classes through Upledger Institute.
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Business Hours: If you are interested in learning more before booking you can call us directly or text at 240-903-0980. HSA, FSA accepted and insurance bills provided for your submission
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Michelle S Krause LMT, CST-T, BCTMB
Michelle S Krause LMT, CST-T, BCTMB

Since 2006, Michelle has been a therapeutic orthopedic medical massage/bodyworker and Therapeutic Certified Craniosacral Therapist. Her technique is custom to what your body responds best to so that you can get to your best health. She assists teaching craniosacral therapy classes with Upledger Institute and mentors other practitioners to be able to share CST with as many people in the community to support community health and better living. She has lived in the area her whole life & been in the medical field since 1990, from the hospitals to the fire department. She has experienced, living our lives, working out, taking care of others, we most often neglect our own health. Michelle experienced the same thing that we all do, pain, misalignments from old injuries and slowly our body responds by be less and less effective and deteriorating health. She thought that this is what to expect. Michelle was lucky to find providers that helped fuel her to ask the right questions and keep learning to get rid of her chronic migraines, structural damage (issues that a doctor deemed life threatening/quadriplegic within 3 years without invasive surgery). She learned that being in pain and our body slowly losing functioning isn't 'aging', that it is resulting in not getting the self care needed after injuries (big & small), like giving birth, being born, falls, accidents, old sports injuries, having dental appliances, falling on ice or down the stairs and that we didn't get rid of old emotional pains as well. As she did research, she fell into CST at Upledger & now assists others to decrease pain, get realigned and create new habits that lead to healing while learning to be advocates & take charge of their health journey! She is an instructor to other therapists in the area and internationally to be able to spread health and healing to as many people as she can because she feels so blessed to have been able to have the journey of such improved health that she's had.

"Berkeley Springs" Michelle Krause CST-T

Booking with "Berkeley Springs" Michelle will allow you to see Michelle in the Berkeley Springs location. Berkeley Springs sessions are the same Advanced Orthopedic Therapeutic Bodywork sessions but in the BS location. These sessions are available only when Michelle is in town, around once a month to 6 weeks.