Valley Dog Sports LLC 

in Newberg, OR

Description: Valley Dog Sports LLC, specializes in Barn Hunt a fun sport for all dogs. We have classes, workshops and trials. We love helping you and your dog become a team in the ring. Come work with our wonderful instructors! Happy Hunting.
Additional Info: We are located at Corral Creek Dog Sport Center at 32655 NE Corral Creek Road, Newberg, OR. 97132. Corral Creek Dog Sport Center has barn hunt and agility and many more sports you and your dog will love!
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Newberg OR 97132
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Nancy Griffith
Nancy Griffith

Nancy has over 10 years of experience in dog competitions and training. She has competed in Agility, Lure coursing, Fast Cats, Nosework, Earth dog, Trick training and of course her favorite Barn Hunt. She has been the Training Director of Columbia Agility Team and have chaired multiple dog sport events along with filling other trial committee positions. Nancy has trained two therapy dogs and was privileged to be among the handler/dog therapy teams that responded to New York after 911. Her training philosophy is to work with the handler/dog team to bring out the best in that relationship. At the end of the day no matter what happens in the ring she wants you to be proud of how well you worked as a Team.

Valley Dog Sports Team
Valley Dog Sports Team

Valley Dog Sports has a fantastic group of trainers! Meet the trainers. Maarit Pulli is a barn hunt veteran. She will be helping with private lessons and BH 101 classes. Suzanne Dubnicka is a dog trainer in the Corvallis area and has been doing barn hunt for years. She'll be helping with classes, privates and workshops. Nancy Steele has been in the world of dog sports for a long time running her dog in agility, barn hunt and fast cats. She'll be helping with classes and workshops. Robin Gerstenfeld loves the sport of barn hunt and has been a trainer already helping new folks enjoy the sport as much as she does. She'll be helping with private lessons, classes and workshops. Marika Klein is new to dog sports but loves barn hunt and helping people be a good team mate with their dog. Marika will be helping with classes and workshops.