Business: Vegas Baby! 4D Ultrasound
Description: Vegas Baby! 4D Ultrasound is proud to offer you elective ultrasound to determine fetal age,due date, GENDER(week 13+) and of course facial photos and action movie clips. Bring your guests to enjoy with you. DVD,USB,digital online gallery for easy sharing.
Additional Info: We now offer EARLY gender blood DNA tests with 2 day results. Super fast , NO PAIN snap kits to collect blood sample in office. 99.9% accurate week 6+. WHY WAIT for baby's gender ? Painless snap kits for draw on upper arm. SUPER easy!
Logo: Vegas Baby! 4D Ultrasound
Phone: 7024613104
Address: 193 E. Warm Springs Rd.
suite 104
Las Vegas NV 89119
Business Hours: By appointment only 7 days a week. VERY IMPORTANT!! If you don't see options for the day and time you're looking for PLEASE call! We may be able to help. (702) 461-3104
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