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in San Diego, CA

Description: We are committed to bringing you clinical, esthetic services and products that deliver dramatic results. Offering a range of customized treatments and a sacred line of skincare products designed to transform your skin one bottle at a time.
Additional Info: UltraViolet-Luxury Skincare in a New Light. Skincare, powered by plants, the innovations of science the magic of intentions. Located within Radiance Wellness and Beauty, working side by side with San Diego's premiere injectors and facial sculpting artists.
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Phone: 6197871447
Address: 2840 5th Ave
Suite 400
San Diego CA 92103
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Business Hours: sunday/monday-closed tuesday- 9:30-5:00 office hours only wednesday-friday 10:30-5:00 thursday- 9:30-5:30 office hours only saturday- 9:30-2:00 every other saturday
Website: http://ultravioletskincare.com
Payment Types Accepted: Cash, Check, Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover
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Marsi Malbrough
Marsi Malbrough

From the beginning, I have been filled with a passion to gift all those who seek it with the blessing of beautiful, healthy skin. My quest has been to turn the routine into sacred self-care and skincare rituals, imbuing each with a divine infusion of self-love and the power of intentions and affirmations. ​ As I embarked on my journey, I sought to create a sacred line of products and services that would fill the voids that I had observed in the available skincare options, both in treating my clients and in designing their personalized home care rituals. Our services are carefully curated and customized to transform your skin, body, mind, and spirit. Our products were designed to be the tools that would empower each user to discover their own UltraViolet: a radiant aura that glows brighter than the sun itself. ​ I wish for you to relish in every moment of discovering, unwrapping, and applying your UltraViolet Skincare. Take this precious time to connect with your inner self and attain a harmonious balance within. It is within this connection that the true magic is found. ​ My life's purpose is to pursue this realm, visiting daily, and prolonging my stay each time until it becomes my home. May your pursuit of beauty and wellness be a unique and powerful journey, one that fills your heart with divine inspiration and infinite blessings. Love and light, Marsi