Business: UW GME Wellness Service
Description: UW GME Wellness offers trainees & their partners FREE and Confidential counseling for both individuals and couples on 3 campuses: UWMC, HMC and SCH. Clients are welcome to book a virtual appointment with any counselor, regardless of primary work location.
Additional Info: We know that slots are limited at the moment and we want to meet your needs. Our new counselor, Howard is coming aboard soon! Please check back for open slots on June 27th!
Logo: UW GME Wellness Service
Phone: 2065436408
Address: 1959 NE Pacific Street, AA-111 D

Seattle WA 98195
Business Hours: Julia Kocian @ UWMC AA-111 D, M-F, Variable Hours Dipti Chrastka @ Harborview Pat Steel Building, M-F, Variable Hours Patty Long-Brohm @ SCH, M-W, Variable Hours
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