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Description: Unwind - the Holistic Pain Management Studio nestled in downtown Hobart, where we offer an alternative, proactive approach to health & wellness, where you are greater than the sum of your afflictions. Drug-free pain relief, classes & individual sessions.
Additional Info: -Thai massage, Craniosacral unwinding - PTSD & Polarity therapy - Gong meditation & Vibrational healing -Involution/Evolution w/ Gong -Yoga & Pilates -Weight-loss -Change your feet, change your life group -Hula Hooping, Cacao Ceremony, Speed oiling, etc.
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Phone: 2192406218
Address: 5164 E 81st Ave
Ste. 201
Merrillville IN 46410
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Business Hours: Classes & Events are listed on my website at www.UnwindBodyAndMind.com Sessions are by appointment only and can be purchased & scheduled on the same website. New clients are seen on Tuesdays & Thursdays when scheduling - thank you!
Website: https://www.unwindbodyandmind.com/
Payment Types Accepted: Cash, Check, Visa, MasterCard
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Christine Pierce - The Bohemian Bee Guardian
Christine Pierce - The Bohemian Bee Guardian

Christine has led a very eclectic life. She was called from a young age to be a healer, but life would take her on a winding journey, weaving the lessons of her experiences into the person she is today. In the Army, she found Reiki and completed a program in Clinical Massage Therapy soon after. Then took a long side-step from her calling to “make it in the real world.”. After reaching the top of her ladder, she realized it was leaning against the wrong building and reassessed her life and the wheels of change would shake her life up again and back to her calling. She found SWIHA, the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, where she fell in love with Thai Massage and decided to go back for a full education in Polarity Therapy and Craniosacral Unwinding and says the changes were astounding. Every aspect of her life changed during this time, and she would take her first sabbatical to Hawaii to become a “Bee Charmer.” She came back home to Indiana and opened Unwind – Body & Mind, a holistic pain management studio where she shared her knowledge and newly acquired bee-charming abilities with her community. She then got to live her dream go back to Hawaii where she experienced living as a beach bum, free from the constraints of typical society. This was right before Covid hit. So, while others were on lock-down, she was taken in by an amazing group of Hawaiians, who taught her their culture and historical struggles. She lived a whole life’s experience in a tent on a beach in Hawaii. Now she’s just a local waiting for the island to call her back. . After flying back from Neverland, life beckoned her to “do the work.” She repaired important relationships and created a lot of character as you learn if you choose to begin your polarity journey with her. Taking what she learned in Hawaii, today she enjoys a healthier work-life balance with less work and more balance to ensure she’s a healthy practitioner.