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Description: Taylormade Training 4U was created to start from the mental first not the physical, here I give you full access to me 24/7, you'll have daily check ins on what you're consuming 6 days a week, to keep you accountable and responsible.
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Phone: 9044036991
Address: 3390 Kori Rd

Jacksonville FL 32257
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Shawn Taylor
Shawn Taylor

With over 28 years of experience, a bachelor’s of science degree in exercise science & nutrition & over 10 different certs that range from NASM, ISSA, AFFA, ACSM just to name a few, my passion for exercise started at 11yrs old. I’ve dedicated myself to my craft and with an extensive sports background fitness has always been my most extreme passion and desire to help people change their minds first because the body follows the mind not the other way around. Taylormade Training 4U was created with the mindset first then the body second. I’ve been in business for 9 years with a proven track record of getting results but with tough love and brutal honesty. I will push you beyond your normal expectations but if your mindset isn’t ready then you’re not ready, you get out of fitness what you put into it, there are NO quick fixes & you must LOSE your MICROWAVE MENTALITY in order for your fitness journey to be successful. Fitness is a MARATHON not a SPRINT! If you value health I’m your guy!