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Description: Licensed Estheticians & Skin Enthusiasts who take pride in offering you techniques and technologies that assure you glowing results. Let's transform your skin, provide you with comfortable waxing & give you gorgeous "eye flutters" with lash extensions.
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Logo: TigerLily Studio
Phone: 7062243223
Address: 700 Oglethorpe Avenue, Suite 5B

Athens GA 30606-1548
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Business Hours: By Appointment Only
Website: http://www.tigerlilystudioofathens.com
Payment Types Accepted: Cash, Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover
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Kristy Floyd
Kristy Floyd

Welcome to Tigerlily Studio, where the fabulous Kristy Floyd reigns as our resident Skin Enthusiast and licensed esthetician extraordinaire. With a passion for all things skincare and a love for dogs (yes, she’s a certified dog enthusiast!), Kristy brings her unique blend of expertise, humor (pretends she doesn’t eat ice cream, but really does) to provide you with an unforgettable experience. As a highly sought-after skincare specialist, Kristy stays ahead of the game by mastering the latest techniques and technologies in the industry. Her dedication to continuous learning ensures that you receive cutting-edge treatments that deliver remarkable results. From corrective facial skincare to anti-aging treatments, Kristy has you covered, making sure you leave our studio feeling confident and beautiful. But Kristy’s talents don’t stop there. She is also a master of comfortable waxing services, creating a smooth and stress-free experience. Whether it’s brow shaping, body waxing, or anything in between, Kristy’s gentle touch and knack for laughter (she thinks she’s funny, but you’ll be the judge of that!) will keep you at ease and laughing throughout your session. At Tigerlily Studio, we believe that true beauty radiates from within. With Kristy as your guide, you’ll not only achieve amazing results on the outside but also discover a renewed sense of self-confidence and inner beauty. So, come on over and meet our skincare superstar, Kristy Floyd, at Tigerlily Studio. Get ready to experience transformative treatments, endless laughter, and a touch of charm that will leave you feeling gorgeous, inside and out.

Katie Garrison
Katie Garrison

Get ready to meet Katie, our talented lash expert with a heart as big as her passion for creating stunning lash looks. As an accomplished artist, Katie knows that the magic lies in the details, and she’s here to make your eyes come alive with her lash artistry. With Katie, your lashes become a blank canvas, just waiting to tell a captivating story. Whether you desire a subtle and natural look or crave dramatic and voluminous lashes, Katie’s expert touch will bring your lash dreams to life. As one of the area’s most skilled lash stylists, she’s mastered the art of crafting lashes that perfectly suit your unique style and personality. At Tigerlily Studio, we believe that every set of lashes deserves the attention and care of a true lashista. That’s why Katie’s expert training and meticulous technique ensure that you walk away with lashes that are both beautiful and comfortable. Say goodbye to clumpy mascaras and hello to fluttery, mesmerizing lashes that will have heads turning wherever you go. But Katie’s talent extends beyond her lash expertise. With her warm personality and love for people, she creates a welcoming and enjoyable experience from the moment you step into our studio. Prepare to be comfy, to laugh, and to feel like a valued member of our lash-loving community. It’s time to unveil your eyes’ true potential. Book your appointment with Katie, our lash magician, and let her transform your lashes into a work of art. Get ready to fall in love with the mirror as you see the captivating story that unfolds on your eyes, courtesy of Katie’s expert hands.