Business: The Society Hotel Bingen Public Spa Reservations
Description: Nestled within the jaw-dropping Columbia River Gorge, The Society Hotel Bingen Spa offers a refined off-the-beaten-trail experience for travelers and getaway-seekers alike.
Additional Info: Public spa guests must check in at the front desk to collect spa passes and guest key. All guests are required to wear a face covering at all times inside our building and sauna.
Logo: The Society Hotel Bingen Public Spa Reservations
Phone: 5097744437
Address: 210 N Cedar Street

Bingen WA 98605
Business Hours: Monday: 8am - 11pm Tuesday: 8am - 10am, 4pm - 11pm Wednesday: 8am - 11pm Thursday: 8am - 11pm Friday: 8am - 11pm Saturday: 8am - 11pm Sunday: 8am - 11pm *Restricted hours for public access to spa.
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