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Traci Culberson is a Certified Essential Somatics® Movement Teacher and a certified STOTT PILATES® Instructor in Fort Myers, Florida. She started her career in movement therapy through dance, followed by group fitness training, weight lifting and Pilates. ​After 30 years of fitness training and 15 years of Pilates, Traci discovered Essential Somatics® in 2015 and felt like all the pieces fell together. After all her years of training, Traci’s Somatics practice has shown her that Somatics is the magic key; the movements are simple and it is easy for clients to learn how to get out of pain and into freedom in their bodies so they can do whatever they want in life and do it with ease. Now they can dance, lift weights, do Pilates and anything else they may not have thought possible in the past. ​What could you do with more ease and freedom in your body? Contact Traci and find out!