True North Health & Well-Being 

- Acupuncture 

in Minneapolis, MN

Description: True North is a small privately owned health and wellness business that provides safe, and professional natural health care. It is our passion to provide our community with the tools to take charge of your health and live your best life.
Additional Info: We are located on the second floor in Suite 206. We do have a private elevator and disability parking in the back of the building. Prior arrangements must be made for Stacey to meet you in the back.
Logo: True North Health & Well-Being
Phone: 6124028872
Address: 2720 West 43rd Street

Minneapolis MN 55410
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Business Hours: By appointment only
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Virtual Visits - Stacey
Virtual Visits - Stacey

This visit is conducted in the comforts of your own home and is geared towards diving deeper into how we think, move, eat, and sleep to address specific health concerns or conditions. We will discuss nutrition, appropriate supplement, herbal medicine use, movement as medicine, and other self-care tools and techniques.

Stacey Degen
Stacey Degen

Please contact Stacey at (612) 402-8872 to schedule your initial 75-minute or 60-minute follow-up appointment. I am in the process of changing my scheduling system to a new platform and will assist you in booking appointments during the transition period.