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in Greenville, DE

Description: Are you ready to "Feel Great Again"? Using the best of clinical techniques & the science of optimal muscular mechanics, The Mind Body Massage & Fitness helps you * Find & Unwind your current pain patterns * Reset & Reactivate Pain-Freeing Movement Habits
Additional Info: The Mind Body Whisperer is located on the ground floor of Greenville Towers III. - The easiest parking is in the back of the building (its best to take the right turn before Tower III & park in the back lot) - Enter from the back & I'll meet you there!
Logo: The Mind Body Whisperer Massage & Fitness
Phone: 3025939262
Address: 230 Presidential Dr.
Suite #003
Greenville DE 19807
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Business Hours: Package Promos: - "Getting Mind-Body-Fitness Wonderful" (3) 1.5 hr massages - $375.00 - "Getting Back to My Best" - (5) 1.5 hr massages - $500.00 - "Getting Great Again" - (10) 1.5 hr massages - $900.00
Payment Types Accepted: Cash, Check, Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover
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Christine Eckery
Christine Eckery

Welcome! Christine, The Mind Body Whisperer here. As a quick professional bio, I started studying massage in 1992 in CA. I turned my focus from relaxation massage to orthopedic/sports massage in 2009. I love this work! It's the thing I do!