Business: The Kristie Doll Beauty
Description: The Kristie Doll Beauty is dedicated to enhancing the beauty of every client, one glam look at a time. Welcome to The Home of Luxury Beauty.
Additional Info: Free parking is located on Archer street on level 2 of the Canal Plaza building. Additional parking is located on level 1 or on the street. If parking there, use the elevator or stairs to access unit 207. TRAVEL SERVICES ARE LIMITED TO WEDDINGS
Logo: The Kristie Doll Beauty
Phone: 7087130724
Address: The Kristie Doll Beauty
2252 S. Canal St., Unit 207, Parking Level 2
Chicago IL 60616
Business Hours: Appointments are to be made at least 24 hours prior to date and time desired. A Late fee of $25 will be added after the given grace period of 15 minutes. Deposits are forfeited and therefore nonrefundable upon cancelations.
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