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Tracy Lloyd, LMT
Tracy Lloyd, LMT

Tracy Lloyd, BS, LMT Oregon License #7807. Tracy Lloyd has worked full-time as a massage therapist since 2001. She keeps an emphasis and passion for medical bodywork, specializing in myofascial trigger point therapy and fascial manipulation techniques of many styles. She works with a variety of athletes, musicians, performers and professionals as well as regular folk, too, always with the goal of getting her clients back to their livelihoods, and the life that gives them joy.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a novel way to improve the body's oxygenation, reduce inflammation, stimulate collagen, healing, mitochondrial production and more. During a session, a client lays comfortably in the soft-sided inflatable chamber while breathing a 90-95% oxygen rich air mixture. Being gently pressurized, that additional oxygen essentially dissolves into the body's fluids, "feeding" tissues that might not have been properly oxygentated for different reasons. Multiple sessions produce profound results, and are used for everything from concussions to post-Covid syndrome to anti-aging and so much more. We also employ the use of red/infrared light pads inside the chamber for increased blood flow to an area, for no extra charge. Clients may take a phone or tablet in with them, meditate or fall asleep. Questions? Give us a call, email or check out: for more information.