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in Penngrove, CA

Description: On select Thursdays, we offer community care clinics. This is for people who are under/unemployed, undocumented, less-resourced households, and are unable to pay other fees options. Eddie, physical therapist, speaks basic Spanish, and Keagha is learning.
Additional Info: There is no financial fee for these services, however we understand that often people want to offer an exchange. We value any exchange that you would like to offer. Some examples are: fresh vegetables & fruit, window cleaning, plants.
Logo: The Lemon Tree Clinic
Phone: 7078288839
Address: 6950 Commerce Blvd.
Suite 5
Penngrove CA 94928
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Special Offers

Keagha Carscallen
Keagha Carscallen

For two decades, Keagha has been using manual & subtle body therapy, homeopathy, herbalism, functional nutrition, and natural therapeutics in her practice. Her professional craft is a culmination of long-term apprenticeships and formal education. She practices the medicines that assisted in her own recovery from a decade long near-fatal chronic illness, opioid addiction and medical abuse. She specializes in working with the intricacy and complexity of chronic mental & physical illness, trauma, and injury. She has extensive experience in (not exclusive to) newborn & pediatric care, pregancy & post pardum, concussions & traumatic brain injuires, joint & spinal injuries, neurodivergency and chronic illnesses. The medicines she employs are tools to precisely address trauma, release the injury pattern, correct the misalignment or imbalance, allowing the person’s own healing ability to take over and assist the person in regaining their vitality, on all levels – physical, mental, emotional, and energetic. In addation to an in-persn practice, she does telehealth with people across the US and internationally.

Eddie Rosen, PT
Eddie Rosen, PT

I am a Physical Therapist with a broad-based general practice ranging from common musculoskeletal injuries and pain problems to orthopedic and neurologic rehabilitation, spinal pain, and complex pain problems. For years (40+ and no longer counting) I have studied and used a wide variety of manual therapy/hands-on techniques. The approaches I use are based upon biomechanics, anatomy, neurology, and the integral nature of human movement. I am frequently asked, “What do you call that?” referring to my techniques of practice. An orthopedist friend calls it “integrative manual therapy” since my approach integrates a variety of manual therapies with the primary effect of helping my clients move in a more integrated manner. Perhaps it’s best not labeled but understood and experienced. My aim is to restore a more normal quality of movement in the various bodily systems: skeletal, articular, muscular, fascial, and visceral. Directed by highly practiced perceptions, I use my hands to apply comfortable techniques that release movement-inhibiting restrictions thus allowing an improvement in ease and coherence. The application of specific techniques is tailored to your particular needs and constitution. These range from highly subtle to direct and vigorous depending upon what will be most effective. In the course of treatment I guide your perceptions and self-awareness to help you in your progress toward better movement long beyond the time we complete our sessions. I give simple, specific corrective exercises as a home program.