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in Alexandria, VA

Description: Thrive Bodywork is a very different kind of Therapeutic Bodywork. Nikki looks at your complete structure and by manipulating your fascial matrix is able to more completely and thoroughly address the root causes of your pain, injuries, and chronic tension.
Additional Info: Thrive Bodywork is on the 2nd Floor at 505 Wythe Street in North Old Town Alexandria. We are right around the corner from Trader Joe's & Harris Teeter. There is ample FREE street parking on the surrounding streets!
Logo: Thrive Bodywork
Phone: 2023511055
Address: 505 Wythe Street
2nd Floor
Alexandria VA 22314
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Payment Types Accepted: Cash, Visa, MasterCard, Amex
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Nikki Enfield
Nikki Enfield

Nikki looks at your complete structure and manipulates your fascial matrix to more completely relieve your pain, help you recover from injuries (and prevent new ones!), ease chronic tension, and allow you to live in your body in ways you didn't even know were possible. She came to Structural Integration bodywork after realizing the traditional bone/muscle model of viewing the body was incomplete. She prefers to think of us more like "3-D spider webs filled with goo" and by latching onto this webbing she literally pulls out pain, injuries, and tension spots and leaves your structure more balanced & aligned and moving more naturally & gracefully.