Stretching Your Life, Inc. 

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in Tallahassee, FL

Description: Most people suffer from chronic pain. SYL's focus is to connect, provide and serve people to a pain free life offering practical solutions (stretching) for everyday health challenges & needs. Get ready to stretch your life and get motivated!
Additional Info: Our building, Central Remedy, is a stand along grayish brown building that is located behind Faith Presbyterian Church at the intersection of pinewood delta way. Stretching Your Life works at Central Remedy.
Logo: Stretching Your Life, Inc.
Phone: 8502242639
Address: 250 Pinewood Dr.

Tallahassee FL 32303
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kim ortloff
kim ortloff

Owner and CEO of Stretching Your Life, Kim has been operating for over 25 years with a loyal following of elite college and professional athletes and business leaders throughout the Tallahassee community. Ms. Ortloff is co-author of Where It Hurts and Why, a guide to effective, do-it-yourself pain relief that illustrates the important aspects of wellness and health through easy-to-understand text and user-friendly anatomical diagrams, with detailed recommendations for specific areas of the body and instructions for the immediate treatment of acute pain.

Jennifer Bendfelt
Jennifer Bendfelt

Jennifer is a personal trainer, licensed massage therapist/sport & functional movement specialist, and longevity wellness specialist and has been an integral staff member of SYL for over 7 years. She aims for each of her clients to reach their fitness and wellness goals with her knowledge, intuitiveness, and need to help others. Whether a person is suffering from overuse syndromes, injury, or surgery; she is dedicated to empowering those to gain control over their health and well being in order to return to the higher quality of life her clients once had.