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Description: Soul-Essentialz is your one stop shop for Whole Body Wellness. Specializing in Bodywork & Yoga for movement.
Additional Info: Located in Lifestyle Chiropractic
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Address: 939 Hartz Way, Suite #102
Located in Lifestyle Chiropractic
Danville CA 94526
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Stacey Zawoyski
Stacey Zawoyski

Stacey is a dedicated and passionate massage therapist committed to supporting individuals on their wellness journey. With a profound understanding of the mind-body connection, she excels in both verbal communication and tactile expression through her Bodywork business. Holding a 500E-RYT designation from Yoga Alliance, Stacey's expertise extends beyond massage therapy. She has taught various movement disciplines, including yoga, hot Pilates, strength classes, and the innovative Spenga—a fusion of spin, strength, and yoga. Her commitment to continuous learning is reflected in her CAMTC certification and over 500 hours of Bodywork training. Fascinated by the intricacies of the human body, Stacey views each client as a unique universe. As an explorer in her bodywork practice, she addresses the body holistically rather than merely treating symptoms. Specializing in Deep Tissue and Myofascial Release (MFR), she is currently expanding her skill set with ongoing education in Lymphatic Drainage and holds a Rock Tape certification. Outside of her professional endeavors, Stacey values quality time with her family, including furry companions. She enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking and biking, relishing the natural world. Additionally, Stacey finds joy in socializing with friends, whether it's wining and dining or exploring the town together.