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Description: Soul-Essentialz is your one stop shop for Whole Body Wellness. Specializing in Bodywork & Yoga for movement.
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Located in Lifestyle Chiropractic
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Stacey Zawoyski
Stacey Zawoyski

Hi everyone, my name is Stacey. I've grown up in the South Bay, San Jose area. I've worked out of Los Gatos for quite some time, teaching yoga at YogaSource Los Gatos, and doing Bodywork out of Symmetry Sports Chiropractic. I moved to Danville right before COVID hit and ended up shutting my doors in LG during the COVID shutdown. I'm now setting up shop in Danville and really excited to get my business up and running here! I've taught yoga since 2007 and have done massage on and off since 2005. I'm passionate about movement to say the least. Life itself is breath and movement. I live here in Danville with my boyfriend Allen and his wonderful daughter Dahnya. My sons girlfriend Maribel also lives with us, she midas well be my daughter and my sons here often so we are a big household with lots of love and laughter. We have 4 animals in Danville, 2 dogs (Finnigin & Rianna), 2 cats (Nacho & Gypsy). We love nature and being active, also love good wine and lots of music:)))) Can't wait to meet you! Stacey