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Description: Saskatoon's Premier Wellness Clinic Offering Direct Billing Therapeutic Registered Massage Therapy Traditional Acupuncture Registered Nutrition Sessions Yoga & More Established in 2011 Healing Starts Here Direct Billing Avaliable Call Us 3069541588
Additional Info: #3 606 22nd street west just behind taco time across from giant tiger. Minutes From 8th St - Blocks From Downtown Free Parking Saskatoon RMT is a multidisciplinary wellness clinic in Saskatoon and all our Therapists are highly trained. Direct Billing
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Phone: 3069541588
Address: 606 22nd Street West

Saskatoon SK S7M5W1
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Business Hours: Monday - Friday 7am to 9pm Saturday 8am to 9pm Sunday 10am to 6pm Text to book in 3068030696 Direct Billing Avaliable
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Jenel Maruk RMT
Jenel Maruk RMT

Jenel Maruk has advanced training to enhance her therapeutic assessments and treatment to enhance her patients’ outcome. She has a unique set of skills for treatment that will leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. From full body relaxation treatments to deep tissue work to help re-balance your body, Jenel’s treatments will be beneficial to you. Certified therapist for motor vehicle injury claims and workplace injury claims. Hands-on birth support for over 30 women and 100's of others supported in prenatal massage, postnatal massage, and yoga classes. Advanced Education In: Deep Tissue Therapy Migraine and Headache Treatment Soft Tissue Release Myofascial Release for Cervical Region, Cervical-Thoracic, Lumbar Region, Pelvis Shoulder Problems Treating Fibromyalgia Sports Massage Certification in Pre-Event & Post-Event Active Isolated Stretching – Foundations Acupressure Massage Birth Support& Doula Skills Prenatal Massage Postnatal Massage Understanding the Female Pelvic Floor

Dr. Xin Zhong MD China Dr. Acu
Dr. Xin Zhong MD China Dr. Acu

Dr. Xin Zhong MD China is a highly accredited Doctor of Chinese Medicine & Traditional Acupuncturist registered with CMAAC - Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Association of Canada. His innate and in depth knowledge of chinese medicine and advance acupuncture makes his treatments effective and accurate. Trained in China, Dr. Zhong practiced at a well-known acupuncture clinic in Winnipeg - Ankang Acupuncture Healing Clinic before moving his practice to Saskatoon. We are really excited to have such a knowledgeable practitioner with us at StoonRMT. Direct Billing is Avaliable Dr. Xin Zhong is certified in Traditional Acupuncture Dr. Fu's subcutaneous needling Super micro knife needling Ear Acupuncture Bloodletting therapy Regular Moxibustion Chinese Herb Medicine Cupping Tui Na (Chinese Massage)