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in Beacon, NY

Description: Private hair salon with beauty but more importantly health in mind, Sullivan & Main carries Kevin Murphy products/hair color that is cruelty-free, ppd free and ammonia-freeFormaldehyde free smoothing treatments available as well as vibroacoustic therapy
Additional Info: *Clients that are more than 15 minutes late will have to reschedule***48 hour cancellation policy**48 hours before appointment 1/2 appointment fee will be charged***No shows/less than 24 hrs notice full appointment amount charged and forfeit deposit*
Logo: Sullivan & Main
Phone: 8458575751
Address: 17 East Main St

Beacon NY 12508
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Business Hours: Sunday, Monday and Tuesday -closed Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday- by appointment only
Payment Types Accepted: Cash, Check, Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover
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Ryan Sullivan
Ryan Sullivan

Vibroacoustic therapy
Vibroacoustic therapy

Vibroacoustic therapy is a new sound and vibration technology that uses audible sound vibrations to reduce symptoms, invoke relaxation, and alleviate stress. This technology is developed based on the recognition that external vibration can influence body function. Research demonstrates the effectiveness of vibroacoustic therapy. FDA approved to change neuropathways in the brain to relieve stress, anxiety and a range of issues. DO NOT book if you have a pacemaker or a seizure disorder..