Jennifer Kane 

- Psychic/Hypnosis/Spirituality 

in Sarasot, FL

Description: Energy Healing- Improve Your Life & Health on mind, body, spirit levels. Have more joy & peace. Relieve Stress & Anxiety. Step into your power, use your voice. Calm negative thoughts, behaviors. Help with Trauma. Greater awareness, clarity & sense of self.
Additional Info: Sessions are intuitively led through a variety of healing modalities, working on many levels with the help of your guides, to create lasting change in your life! Please visit site for description sessions/techniques/testimonials. Best to Call/text for Apt
Logo: Jennifer Kane
Phone: 8082802147
Address: 1435 S Osprey Ave
Suite 200
Sarasot FL 34239
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Business Hours: Monday - Friday: 5p-8p - Sat - Sun: 10:30 a - 7p
Payment Types Accepted: Cash, Check
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jennifer kane
jennifer kane