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in Oakland, CA

Description: Skin Care by Marzena is located in Oakland Rockridge District. We are specializing in permanent hair removal, skin care; sensitive, acne rosacea, aging skin. LED Therapy, Microcurrent Therapy.
Additional Info: Please cancel your appointment if you feel ill, show signs of Covid 19, or you have been around anyone in the past 14 days who has tested positive. Fees are waived for any illness cancellation. Stay well and safe.
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Phone: 5105449132
Address: 5273 College Ave, suit 102

Oakland CA 94618
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Marzena Hryniewicz Stasiuk
Marzena Hryniewicz Stasiuk

I believe that caring for your skin is an essential component of a lifestyle commitment that includes proper nutrition, exercise, and healthy behaviors, regardless of age, which all definitively contribute to your well-being for 30 years in my practice.