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in Hurst, TX

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Additional Info: We are at the NE corner of 183 and Norwood. Park closest to the monument sign, near Visiting Angels. Enter the lobby and turn left, proceed down the hall to suite 209. Don't forget to bring your socks - we are a shoeless studio! #Masks are required.
Logo: Soul Body Works
Phone: 8175908485
Address: 1550 Norwood Dr
Suite 209
Hurst TX 76054
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Business Hours: By appointment or class time only :-)
Payment Types Accepted: Cash, Check, Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover
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Tricia Whitlock
Tricia Whitlock

I’m Tricia Whitlock and this is my studio. It is my happy, peaceful place and I love sharing it with students who are interested in learning more about their body and how it moves! I use the Pilates method of exercise as my primary tool, along with other movement tools gathered over my 10 years as a fitness instructor and movement coach. I prefer curiosity over competition, authenticity over trends, and vulnerability over shame. My goal is to meet you exactly where you are....and walk with you on a journey of body/mind discovery. I stand on the shoulders of a giant and am proud to offer you instruction in Joe Pilates’ method through my own lens.

Stephanie Vanderbeck
Stephanie Vanderbeck

I'm Stephanie, Pilates Instructor, ELDOA practitioner, and exercise fanatic who has a huge heart for anyone suffering with back pain. I'm also a former gymnast with several spinal fractures and disc injuries, so I can relate to chronic pain. The exercises I teach to my clients are a crucial part of keeping my own body healthy and pain-free. My philosophy My guiding principle is that exercise really does not have to be extreme to work magnificently. I curate specialty back pain programs, in conjunction with a smart Pilates routine, to meet my clients' unique needs. I believe that Pilates is a whole system that needs little alteration or improvement. I utilize additional tools from other disciplines (ELDOA, Rossiter) to further assist those with back pain. It's my passion to design simple programs to guide my students to a fitter body and a more vibrant life.

Janie Newell
Janie Newell