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Description: I offer massage and functional movement therapy to rehabilitate and generate health. My approach is a collection of evidence based passive and active therapy to heal pain, cultivate body awareness, and reeducate the body for vitality and health.
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Phone: 5192827421
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Ingersoll ON N5C2S8
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Business Hours: Tuesday 9:30-4 Wednesday 12:30-4 Friday 930-3 Etransfer's also accepted. May you act and live from love and kindness.
Website: http://Shaunabalgerrmt@gmail.com
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shauna balger
shauna balger

I have been practicing as an RMT since 2010. My mission is to give the gift of self preservation, and owning ones health by partnering with each clients innate power to rehabilitate, correct and create vitality in their life. I have practiced more then a decade of evidence based active therapy, passive manual therapy and breath work to offer superior speed for recovery, injury prevention and functional, vibrant movement through this life. I use and teach techniques that focus on dismantling reflexive psychosomatic patterns, by reeducation of the neuromuscular system to restore biomechanical trains and systems into balance. I continue to study and grow my understanding of the human body, learning tools and techniques to create health and wellness to share with those who want to learn. In active therapeutics Ive espouse a strong hatha yoga thread and so approach with a knowing no two bodies are alike, and offer introspection and self awakening techniques to cultivate unique practice to each individual. We are all structurally and experientially different. It is my duty as a yoga instructor to draw from my knowledge of anatomy, physiology and kinetics to give to and guide my students in the most effective and safe way.


Aaron is a certified facial stretch therapist recognized by one of the world's leaders in fascial tissue research and development of tissue restoration and movement Frederick Stretch Therapy. Aaron is also an ISSA certified personal trainer, and nutritionist, as well as the in the midst of studying the practice of Osteopathy. His impressive background of mixed martial arts, fighting bodybuilding and understanding of how the body works, as well as nutrition, sets him apart from others as he dives into the industry helping to improve the quality of life for his clients. His holistic approach will assuredly bring great success to those who work with him. Book now to experience what unrestricted pain? Free movement and performance potential feel like.