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Description: Board Certified Structural Integrator through Anatomy Trains. Structural integration addresses, patterns within the body that are creating restrictions to movement, posture or inner safety.
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Phone: 9165429463
Address: 540 Plaza Dr
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Folsom CA 95630
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Business Hours: BY appointment only. Monday/ Thursday / Friday / Sunday
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Amy Dalton
Amy Dalton

My name is Amy Dalton, I am a 15+ year veteran, a former helicopter mechanic now turned organic mechanic. The journey of healing myself led to my passion for preventative care, connecting to body, client education and redefining the meaning of pain. Its these concepts that have defined the business. I value collaborative care, meaning I work with other practitioners, and your own body to create function where pain existed. Movement is a powerful tool into the human experience. Throughtout my life Movement was center; my experience as a power lifter, yogi, biker, hiker, Spartan Trifecta participant, Tai Chi student, allows me first hand experience. Each session is an opportunity to combine experience with intuition and knowledge to help you heal you and expand your human experience. Neuromuscular Certified with National Holistic Institute California Certified Lic #75394 Active Release Technique certified Full Body level 1 Functional Movement Tapping certified Member of the California Massage Therapy Council (CAMTC) and American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA)