Business: Russian Massage
Description: Dear friends, I am an Advanced Medical Massage Practitioner. I specialize in Russian Classic (the combination of Sport and Deep Tissue), Therapeutic, Orthopedic and Cupping types of massages.
Additional Info: Please visit me in the salon "Adora" downtown Klamath Falls (507Main Main St.)! If you are my new client, PLEASE come 15 minutes earlier to fill in a short intake form. Thank you!
Logo: Russian Massage
Phone: 5416045753
Address: 507 Main St.

Klamath Falls OR 97601
Business Hours: I am usually available from 9 am, but I can start my day later and work late in the evening. That's why please book your appointment at least 3 hours ahead. You can text me or email me as well. Look at my website for additional information. Thanks!
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