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Description: Dr. Rachel Meredith ND LAc MSOM BAH has been in practice for over 18 years and has a few more spots for new patients who are motivated and want to get to the underlying cause of their illness. She focuses on menopause, insomnia, headaches, acne and pms.
Additional Info: Everyone can improve their health. With three specific steps Dr. Meredith will work to find an accurate diagnosis, create and effective treatment plan and then work with compassion and diligence to enhance your sense of peacefulness, clarity and energy.
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Phone: 9715015050
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Portland OR 97214
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Business Hours: Tues - 945-630 Wed - 130-630 Fri - 945-130
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Rachel Meredith ND LAc
Rachel Meredith ND LAc

Dr Meredith has been studying the medical sciences for over 27 years, and in practice for 22. Motivated to prevent cancer she specializes in individual treatments that are effective and filled with compassion. Dr Meredith will treat anyone ready to feel better and address underlying obstacles to health. She has a focus in endocrinology: insomnia, thyroid health, balancing hormones and creating optimal health for the whole family. Be well!!