Ryan McDonald, BCSI, ATSI, LMT 

- Wellness Center 

in New Hartford, CT

Description: My movement classes enhance alignment, efficiency, and function. Through guided exercises, clients improve posture, balance, and coordination. These classes increase body awareness, reduce tension, and facilitate smoother, integrated movement.
Additional Info: Use upper parking lot, Entrance A
Logo: Ryan McDonald, BCSI, ATSI, LMT
Phone: 8607091648
Address: 37 Greenwoods Rd
Unit 4
New Hartford CT 06057
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Ryan McDonald
Ryan McDonald

As a Board Certified Structural Integrator and Anatomy Trains Structural Integration (ATSI) Practitioner, I specialize in merging anatomy, movement, and mind for holistic well-being. With expertise in myofascial connections and developmental patterns, I lead integrated movement classes that optimize structural alignment and functionality. Through mindful practices, I empower individuals to explore their body's potential, improve mobility, and cultivate a deeper mind-body connection. My goal is to support clients in achieving ease, grace, and resilience in movement, whether they seek relief from pain, enhanced performance, or overall wellness.