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Description: Quantum Hypnotherapist Channeler/Psychic Consultation ET/Paranormal Experience Counseling Energy Alchemy ​
Additional Info: I work with you on all levels, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. All work is completely confidential, and you learn all the techniques so you can do it yourself! Healing addictions, wounds, blocks - goals, dreams and questions - all achievable!
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Debz Shakti Buller
Debz Shakti Buller

Debz Shakti’s purpose in Life is to help others awaken, heal, and grow, by sharing the positive effects of Quantum Transformational techniques, heart coherency, and developing a conscious, balanced, and sustained Self-Awareness. Her renowned professional practice as a Certified Quantum Hypnotherapist spans over 4 decades. A well-respected Open Channel, mainly of the highly advanced ET group known as the Star Teachers, (who say they are “us” on a higher level of frequency), teaching and advising enthralled followers, her services also include ET Contact and Paranormal Experience Counseling to clients all over the world. She serves as a many-decades-long Certified Yoga, Meditation, Breathwork, and Mantra teacher, as well as a certified Personal Trainer, Martial Arts and Fitness instructor. She lovingly hosts a long-standing, local CE-5 (Close Encounters of the 5th Kind) Contact group in Kansas City, MO, USA. She is an active member of several international CE-5 Contact teams, researching the infinite nature of non-local consciousness. Founder of Quantum Transformations, and her online school, the Quantum Dojo, she offers personal sessions as well as group experiences as a workshop and conference presenter, teacher, and guide. PLEASE NOTE: IF YOU DO NOT SEE A DATE OR TIME THAT WORKS FOR YOU, OR, IF YOU REQUIRE OTHER PAYMENT OPTIONS, PLEASE SEND AN EMAIL TO:SHAKTIUNIVERSE@GMAIL.COM, OR TEXT 816-550-5490 WITH REQUESTS/YOUR BEST CHOICES FOR SPECIAL APPOINTMENT SCHEDULING. IF YOU, NEED OTHER PAYMENT OPTIONS, PLEASE DO NOT RESERVE YOUR APPOINTMENT HERE - AS THE SCHEDULER WILL CHARGE YOU! HERE ARE OTHER PAYMENT OPTIONS: PayPal: shaktiuniverse@gmail.com Venmo: @Debra-Buller-1 CashApp: $debzShakti IF I CAN WORK YOUR PREFERRED DATE AND TIME INTO MY SCHEDULE, I WOULD LOVE TO ACCOMMODATE YOU! NO REFUNDS FOR MISSED OR CANCELLED APPOINTMENTS.YOUR MISSED SESSION WILL BE HELD IN CREDIT FOR NEW ONE