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Description: HERE AT ROYAL TOUCH: Is relaxation for my clients. Open schedule that fits your time. Transforming cuts and trending hair styles. Open minded to fit your needs. Utopia hair products and supplies that fits your needs. Have clients feeling confident!
Additional Info: Service provided to children 2yr-10yr if sits still if not, you are still charged for services. If you are not feeling well and or running a temp, please cancel your service within 24 hours. If not you will be charged for your service anyway. Thank you.
Logo: Royal Touch
Phone: 2567877555
Address: 708 6th Ave Suite B SE

Decatur AL 35601
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Business Hours: Varies
Payment Types Accepted: Cash, Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover
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Queenvee Balentine
Queenvee Balentine

Hello my name is Levita, but you can call me Vita. My passion for hair goes as far as when I was a little girl. I would go with my mom to the barbershop to get my little brother’s haircut, and I would just watch how they would cut. It caught my eye, and had me interested. Then I would go with my mom to the salon when she would get her hair done. I was so interested in that as well. So I would go home and try the styles on my dolls hair, and as I got older( middle school) I started trying styles on my own hair and then friends and family members hair. Years after high school I finally decided to go to college for hair. I started in cosmetology school, then I switched my hours over to barbering. In 2011 I received my Master Barber license, which means I can do the cosmetology side as well as barbering. I truly enjoy and love what I do. I love to see my clients feeling wonderful after they get out my chair. Most of all when they feel comfortable enough to sit in my chair and say,” I trust you and do what you think is best and have fun with it” that brings joy and excitement in my heart. I would like to say thank you for booking with me! I look forward to building a relationship with you, and making you feel and look like royalty!