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in Bozeman, MT

Description: It's time to feel ALIVE! Start doing all the things you love, move with ease, look 10 yrs younger, and tackle your life with gumption and confidence. With 20 years in the wellness industry I make your treatment personal, because it is truly all about you.
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Logo: Pure Wellspa
Phone: 4065810871
Address: 102 Eagle Fjord Rd

Bozeman MT 59718
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Business Hours: Tuesday - Friday.
Payment Types Accepted: Cash, Check, Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover
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Heather Kern
Heather Kern

You deserve to glow, feel rested, and be the best version of you - always! Heather aims to help you achieve it. With 20 years in the spa industry, including esthetics, massage, Foot Zone Balance, and Lymphatic Drainage, she brings experience, professionalism, and knowledge to the table. Heather believes in wellness from the inside out, she was a trainer for Eminence Organic Skin Care for five years, is a certified life coach, and has spent the past 30 years using holistic practices for healthcare, all of which encompass her belief that you deserve to look younger, move freely, and live full out!