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EXPOSED FIREARMS LICENSE WITH GUARD CARD! 50% OFF, Only $75 to Start! Offer Ends Soon! Day 1: Tuesday 6:30 am-12pm During classroom firearms training, you will learn moral & legal aspects of firearms use, firearms nomenclature, weapons handling & shooting fundamentals, & emergency procedures. (See outline below) (must have proof of citizenship or U.S legal resident. Show copy of U.S Birth Certificate, or, DD214, or, green card, or Naturalization Certificate, or Valid un- expired U.S passport) Firearms Range Training Day 2: Wednesdays 8:00am to 11am Firearms range training will give you practice in safely handling & firing your weapon. You will shoot with live, real bullets. You must hit the target 40 times out of 50 to pass. State Fee paid within Year State Fee $100 firearms Range Fees: $55 Livescan $100 Psyc test $60 Guard Card State Fee : $55 Terms and Conditions: Promo Ends soon
08/20 - 03/08
50% off