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in Oklahoma City, OK

Description: Pure Pilates is now open in Northpark Mall. We are a fully equipped Pilates studio, offering classical instruction to empower people to restore their health and improve their lives.
Additional Info: Located in a boutique studio space, Pure Pilates offers new Centerline equipment - designed by the Taylor sisters from The Pilates Center to be most closely aligned with Joe's original equipment. Come and enjoy!
Logo: Pure Pilates
Phone: 9703676777
Address: Northpark Mall
12100 N. May Avenue
Oklahoma City OK 73120
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Business Hours: By appointment only - Please call, email or text Leigh Reece 970-367-6777 leighreece7@yahoo.com
Website: http://www.purepilatesbody.com
Payment Types Accepted: Cash, Check, Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover
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Leigh Reece
Leigh Reece

Master Classical Instructor - "My passion is empowering people to restore their health and improve their lives through Pilates. Pure Pilates is a fully equipped boutique studio in Oklahoma City. I am the studio owner and a Classical Pilates instructor. My daily mission is to help my clients discover quality movement so they feel great. Every lesson is about building strength, suppleness, endurance, balance, and health in the whole body. My intention is for Pure Pilates to be your body's "Happy Place"." The Pilates Center, Boulder, CO - Teacher Training (950 hour comprehensive program) 2008 The Pilates Center, Boulder, CO - Master's Program 2016 The Pilates Center, Boulder, CO - Host Advisor (Advisor/Mentor for Trainees) The Pilates Center, Boulder, CO - Post-Graduate Program 2020 PMA Certified

Salli Denner
Salli Denner

Salli Denner, a devoted classical Pilates instructor from Oklahoma City, seamlessly intertwines the principles of mind, body, and spirit in her teachings. Her approach to fitness extends beyond physical exercise, embracing the holistic philosophy of classical Pilates. Salli is driven by a genuine desire to witness the joy that comes from aligning the mind, body, and spirit through mindful movement. Her mission is to not only sculpt bodies but also to foster happiness and help individuals flourish in all aspects of their wellness.