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Description: PrecisionPoint Pilates offers precise Pilates instruction and bodywork. We employ the most modern adaptations to the Pilates method, offering an experience tailor-made to build your flexibility, strength and endurance. Join us!
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Oakland CA 94610
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Bonnie Machuca - Owner / Master Trainer
Bonnie Machuca - Owner / Master Trainer

Bonnie started her love for Pilates at SFSU as a dancer in 2000. She was pleasantly surprised how such a strange set of exercises improved her dancing ten-fold. Little did she know that 5 years and 3 knee surgeries later, Pilates would have the biggest impact in her life. She noticed her PT using Pilates equipment and exercises to rehabilitate her knee and continued to use the method to keep strong. She was then hooked, and has never looked back since. Bonnie completed Sanchez Street Studios Teacher Training in 2006. She has studied Janda’s upper cross and lower cross syndromes with Lizz Roman, Imagery and cueing with Eric Franklin, rehabilitation techniques with Denis Vidal, Fascial lines with Michael Feldman, and classical Pilates with Peter Fiasca, and completed her certification as an orthopedic manual therapist practitioner with Thomas Hendrickson in 2011 Bonnie’s sessions stay true to the Pilates roots with creative adaptations from other modalities when appropriate.