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Description: Michael uses a nice blend of technique work or dial in on a specific ailment. With a variety of modalities to choose from including Tui Na, relaxation, lymphatic drainage, passive joint movement, and mobility coaching.
Additional Info: New clients contact me directly before booking online.
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Michael Bearden
Michael Bearden

After a layoff from the news business in 2009, I answered the calling of becoming a healer. A calling that happened many years before the economy collapse of this millennium. I received my first massage at 35 years old that year and knew it was what I wanted to do but, needed an avenue to pursue that. Once I found IPSB(International Professional School of Bodywork) I was hooked and promised to carry on no matter what to finish the program I chose. I learned everything from relaxing massage, hydrotherapy, stretching techniques, to anatomy and physiology patterns to name a few. However, I fell in love with the idea of Asian healing art, primarily Tui Na, within Chinese Medicine practices. Since Graduating in 2013 I have had great stints beginning with a chiropractor office setting to, home visits, to eventually working with my first massage therapist in Ocean Beach. I honed in my style, making a solid blend of the modalites/techniques I learned along the way, as well as picking up a few more from in office training. Chinese Medicine stuck with me and I apply organ and emotion patterns to my body and energy work. I use the technique called Jin Shin for energy work, which uses the emotions of our organs for therapy via individual Meridian Channels. Now in my private room space after a successful stint at Acusport in OB. I was able to balance out my knowledge of Chinese Medicine from the acupuncture specialists there. The things that have stuck out for me, have been what I manifested in my athletic background, in college til now. Through that it has helped me to become the team massage therapist for the San Diego Seals Lacrosse team. With time and patience this path has been set forth for me and I welcome all types and issues to address in my sessions. Coming in with an open-mind was always the best approach to success and hope to pass that along with each person that graces my office space.