Business: Promos For A Purpose
Description: Promos For A Purpose Is An "Everything-Done-For-You" Purpose-Driven Business Partnership & Marketing Experience. Branding­čîčStrategy­čîčPlan­čîčMaterials­čîčMembership­čîčPromotion­čîčPublic Relations­čîč Community­čîčNetworking­čîčReferrals­čîčCollaboration­čîčSupport
Additional Info: Providing small business owners, entrepreneurs, service providers and corporations with ways to support charitable causes & promote their brands at the same time. It begins by sharing their stories through our strategic signature 7-minute interview.
Logo: Promos For A Purpose
Phone: 6028857607
Address: 7575 E. Redfield Rd.
Suite 217
Scottsdale AZ 85260
Business Hours: Sunday Through Monday: 6am MT to 8pm MT Yes...everyday we're here to help you grow your business! Special recording times are available and we will accommodate all requests We also accept: Paypal, Zelle and Venmo
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