Business: NiaMassage
Description: NiaMassage, LLC is a Mobile Massage company that serves the Metro Atlanta Area by providing Stress Relief through Chair & Table Massage by appointment. Sonia R Hazard, LMT is a Massage Therapist of 20 years and is affiliated with AMTA.
Additional Info: Chair Massages are ideal for people that are looking to reduce muscle pain & stress in a short period of time at your office or have a relaxing time with your friends. Table Massages are ideal for treatment of body aches in a longer session at your home.
Logo: NiaMassage
Phone: 4048497643
Address: Mobile Massage Company
Serving the Metro Atlanta Area
Atlanta GA 30083
Business Hours: Sessions are available by appointment, from 11 am to 6 pm, Monday to Saturday. 48 hour lead time is optimal. If the appointment you wish falls outside the specified time or service area, please call for more information. Thank You!
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