Business: Nutritional Healing Center of DFW- Lewis Cone, DC
Description: Dr. Lewis Cone uses AK testing to screen for infections, methylation disturbances, chemical/metal toxins, and food allergies-- then create healthy, nutritional programs that assist your body in creating better health. I want you feeling great- naturally!
Additional Info: Dr. Lewis Cone has been doing nutritional medicine for patients with chronic and acute problems for over 20 years. Using applied kinesiology testing techniques, it is possible to find hidden problems or stressors that have not been identified so far.
Logo: Nutritional Healing Center of DFW- Lewis Cone, DC
Phone: 9728808541
Address: 9550 Forest Ln. Suite 605,

Dallas TX 75243
Business Hours: Dr. Cone in Dallas Monday and Tuesday 1-7pm Wednesday 11am -5pm Thursday 8am - 2pm Occasionally on random Saturdays by appointment only
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