Business: Neuro Fascial Re Education and Massage LLC.
Description: NFR is offering his services to clients needing relief from chronic pain. Gary’s unique background, unusual talents, and life experience, Was to help people eliminate chronic pain in his patients that were unable to get benefits from other technique.
Additional Info: Crossroads Gardens Building is the east side of 30th Street. The entrance is just north Jiffy Lube just South Walgreens. Drive around the Sussex One Building, turn right and then turn left park beneath the building the entrances is the center parking area.
Logo: Neuro Fascial Re Education and Massage LLC.
Phone: 7205051541
Address: 1800 30th St.
Suite 220A
Boulder CO 80301
Business Hours: Monday through Friday 8 AM to 6 PM. Saturday 10 PM to 3 PM.
Special Offers