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Description: Mind Yours Marketing specializes in growing individuals and businesses professionally through resumes, cover letters, social media branding, and so much more. Be sure to check out our full line of services. “Minding your Business for you”
Additional Info: After booking your appointment, you will receive an email confirmation. Please keep in mind the time and/or date you book is only set in place to confirm your appointment. Please read throughly and thank you for trusting me
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Desiree Alysia
Desiree Alysia

My name is Desiree, and I am more than happy to assist with your professional and business needs and development. Let’s chat, set up a free discovery call today! I have a passion for all things business and helping business owners grow their clientele and social media accounts. Highly experienced in Marketing and Social Media Management. Self-taught content creator. I have a BBA in Business Management with minors in Marketing and Entrepreneurship/Innovation and a MBA in Human Resource Management. Experienced in Recruitment and Talent Acquisition so I know exactly what your Resume, LinkedIn and/or Cover Letter needs.