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in Mobile, AL

Description: MANYA Whole Health & Yoga is a holistic wellness center in Mobile, AL. We offer integrative medicine and holistic health, brain-based wellness, yoga, and energy medicine services.
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Logo: Manya Whole Health and Yoga
Phone: 2514089980
Address: 109 Upham St.

Mobile AL 36607
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Business Hours: See class schedule for yoga. Individual services by appointment only. Book with Dr. Manja - 251.234-4771 Book with Michelle - 251.518-0512
Payment Types Accepted: Cash, Check, Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover
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Dr. Manja Podratz
Dr. Manja Podratz

Manja Podratz, DNM, Ph.D., is a Board-Certified Doctor of Natural Medicine, Amen Clinics-trained Certified Brain Health Coach, and founder of MANYA Whole Health & Yoga. Dr. Manja has been teaching yoga since 2015, and hosting yoga and wellness retreats since 2018. She is registered as a continued education provider with Yoga Alliance, and trained in hypnotherapy, auriculotherapy, applied kinesiology, reiki master level, and various coaching, brain-health, and trauma release modalities. Dr. Manja specializes in holistic cancer prevention, holistic cancer care, and brain health. With regard to holistic cancer prevention, programs to heal the gut microbiome, balance hormones and improve estrogen metabolism, and stress management are offered. With regard to brain health, Dr. Manja helps her clients to overcome trauma, anxiety, and depression, and erase limiting beliefs on a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual level.

Michelle Lawless
Michelle Lawless

Michelle is a holistic practitioner, specializing in interpersonal work by combining physical, mental, energetic, and spiritual practices. She has been empowering her clients to achieve optimum wellness and greater fulfillment in their lives since 2009. Michelle's customized approach helps clients to become more grounded in their bodies, take better care of themselves, and develop healthier relationships with the external world.